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HRC, in partnership with the National Education Association and the American Counseling Association, present Time To THRIVE, the annual national conference to promote safety, inclusion and well-being for LGBTQ youth…everywhere!

Bitcoins are taking over the crypto-currency marketplace.

Even newly legal pot shops in Washington are beginning to back the bitcoin as a viable currency.

Some companies have lingering doubt, due to the infancy of the market.

We’ll keep adding to this list as more companies get on board!

Using a smartphone and a Bitcoin wallet app, a user scans a label and presses a small buttoned aptly named “spend.” The list above is a current list of who accepts bitcoins.

The authorities also continued to aggressively use the penal code, criminal defamation laws, and the antiterrorism law to crack down on journalists and media outlets.

Verbal attacks on journalists by senior politicians—including Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the incumbent prime minister who was elected president in August—were often followed by harassment and even death threats against the targeted journalists on social media.

Smartphones and tablets make a cold, online transfer of money a more personal one.

Many retail stores carry gift cards that can be bought with paper money.

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